In web hosting, several options can make your website accessible on the internet. And each one of them will fulfil each requirement of your website, whether it is big or small. All of these act as a storage and backup unit for your website. They only differ in the amount of control, storage capacity, server speed, technical knowledge requirement, and reliability.

Below are types of web hosting and their services

Shared Hosting

It is perfectly designed for entry-level web hosting. In this, your website will be stored on the same server where multiple other sites are also stored. You’ll get a shared hosting plan in which all domains will be sharing the same server resources, like CPU (Central Processing Unit) and RAM (Random Access Memory).

The cost of these shared hosting plans is relatively low, because all of the resources are shared, and making a better option for website owners in their start.

In most of the cases, beginners and small business owners find this as the easiest method of hosting for their website. The shared hosting package also offers you some useful web-tools like WordPress hosting, website builders, and the ability to email clients.

Most of the website owners find shared hosting a simple approach to the web, but it can affect your website’s user experience because you are sharing the server with multiple server owners. It is only beneficial for those website’s that do not receive plenty of web traffic.

VPS (Virtual private server) Hosting

This hosting plan is the middle ground between a dedicated server and a shared server. It is beneficial for those website owners that don’t necessarily need a dedicated server but need more control.

It is unique because each website is hosted on the server within its own space, but still, it shares the server with multiple users. VPS hosting will provide you with more storage space and customization, but you cannot easily handle high traffic spikes or levels, and your site performance can still be affected on the server by other websites.

VPS hosting provides practical cost-related benefits. It is an excellent choice for professional users that want specific packages and software installations.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated server hosting gives complete control to the website owners over the server on which your website is stored. This is because you rent the server and only your website is stored on it. By this, you can have full admin access and can control everything from the operating system to security that you run.

But all the control always comes with a price. These server costs are one of the most expensive web hosting methods. It is beneficial for those website owners that have high levels of web traffic, and those who need proper control over the server. And also a professional technical team is required for the ongoing management of the server and the installation.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is the current trending web hosting option of the technology industry. In this, many computers can work together, and run applications using the same computing resources. It is a hosting solution that works on a network and enables the website owners to adapt this computing resource as a utility.

This allows the website owners to add as many resources as they want without building and maintaining their computing infrastructure. The resources are spread over different servers, which reduce the chance of server malfunction.

Your website can grow over time, making the cloud-based hosting scalable. The website owner only needs to pay for what they need and can use as many resources it requires for your business.

Managed Hosting

Most of the web hosting packages you find on the internet are more likely to be managed. Every web hosting company provides technical services like software and hardware setup, maintenance, configuration, technical support, hardware replacement, updating, patching, and monitoring. In managed web hosting, the service provider provides day-to-day management of the operating systems, standardized applications, and hardware.

There are also many other options when it comes to web hosting; you have to choose a package that can fulfil all your business requirements. Each package contains specific features depending upon your needs in a website, and it’ll also ensure that you choose the right plan, which is beneficial for your business. But choosing the right web host is too tough, you search online about “best web hosting services Hollywood,” to find the perfect web host near your locality.

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