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Today, most of the businesses generate data more than ever before. The IT sector has never been more essential to the success of small scale business. The cost of hard disk drives per gigabyte and the other associated technologies has never been this much lower. Due to advancement in technology, cloud storage offers more opportunities without any significant effort.

Most of the small businesses don’t have their storage and backup strategy accurate with the pervasive use of computers. This can happen if there is any confusion about the different storage options, or any failure to understand that the batch backup is no longer adequate.

Rather than having a fixed storage strategy, in this article, you will find the most common data storage capabilities that can be combined to make a perfect storage strategy for your business.

Common Data Storage Solutions:

Network-attached storage

Network-attached storage is a storage device which is directly connected to the network. It includes the specific capabilities of a file server and can accept multiple storage drives. This storage solution supports different file protocols directly on their laptops and desktops. Some of these NAS appliances offer the ability to synchronize selected volumes or folders with a second remote NAS.

Disaster Protected Storage

This type of storage solution can come in the form of both NAS and DAS and is effective against those type of disasters that would have easily damaged the unprotected data. According to the reports, it is said that this disaster protected storage devices can easily withstand fire for up to half an hour, and total immersion in water for several days.

Online Storage

Online data storage is referred to as the storing of electronic data using a third-party service and can be accessed via the internet. It is the best alternative to traditional local and portable storage. Some also call it internet storage, cloud storage, or hosted storage. One of the significant benefits of this online data storage is that you can have the ability to access the data from anywhere. It not only helps you to transfer the data between devices but also provides the ability to share the data among several other users.

Private Cloud

Private cloud storage is that type of storage mechanism which can store a company’s data on different storage servers by implementing storage technology and cloud computing. This cloud storage provides you with the flexibility, scalability, and the usability of the storage architecture. As it is owned by a single organization and authorised eternal partners, it can’t be accessed publicly. It is also known as “Internal Cloud Storage”.

Offline media

It is also known as tape drives, but the other optical media devices such as Blu-ray discs and DVD are most commonly used for the storage of offline data backup. You may find this technology a bit outdated, but many popular websites and companies are using the Blu-Ray disks for the data backup. This traditional method of data storage is useful and helpful in various means; you can create several copies and store them in different locations.

Best Data Backup Practice

To store the essential data, companies should create two full copies, and store it on separate physical devices. You can also make a third copy and keep it offline and save it at some other location. To find the best data storage services you can search online about “Business data storage West Hollywood,” and a list of service providers will come, from which you can select as per your choice.

Having two sets of data copies provides you with a measure of business continuity, and allow the companies to continue with their business with the complete loss of one collection of data. You can synchronize these two copies of data by a variety of means like sync abilities of an increasing number of NAS, third party sync, or the cloud.

The offline copy is essential against the outright malice and careless mistakes. The recovery software can easily overwrite the right files and replicate errors. Most of the famous companies, even Google, still uses tape storage technology for their data storage.

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